We got our files! We will post here twice a week, more than likely alternating view points between the two main characters, Alice Lotus, a housecat, and Erren Noetis, a zebra pegasus. Both teens must cope with their gifts, find a way home, learn to trust and find out who they truly are.

Friday, July 8, 2011

6: Freedom!! ...Or Not...

I followed Aiden, hooded and docile for a while, planning my escape. “Miss Lotus, you are awfully quiet,” he observed.
            I stayed quiet. “Miss Lotus, you are not yourself this morning,” he remarked. I still remained quiet.
            “Miss Lotus-“I cut him off with a roundhouse to what I’d hoped was his stomach. He fell to the floor with a whimper. Huh, may not have been his  stomach… I slid the hood off and looked around. I was standing in a long, white corridor that I didn’t recognize at all. I wandered around a bit, ears on alert for any sound. The building had the feel of a large, rather empty hospital. Good thing, Aiden might need one.
            I heard frantic pawsteps behind me and took off “not again!” I thought to myself, running as fast as my paws could carry me. I skidded around a corner, almost losing my balance, very nearly slamming into another door. Only this one had a window.
            Looking into the small, hospital-esque window, I saw row upon row of unconscious furgirls.
            “Oh crap,” I thought to myself as I pushed the door open. I walked among the rows of girls, there had to be at least several dozen girls. I looked at the charts on the bed, hospital bed, and they were listed by name, ability, species, origin and destination. A majority of the girls under ability had the listing of “???”. The oddest, but most powerful creature I saw there was a zebra thing with wings. I read her chart several times, confused. “Heaven?” I asked allowed.
I kept walking around the room, looking at the girls, worried, confused, angry and scared. The girls lying in hospital beds were attached to machines, some monitoring there vital signs, others, making flashes and beeps that made no sense to me.
“What is all this?” I asked the air. “Why are all these girls here? Are they ill?”
“No, they are merely being trained and observed,” answered a deep voice behind me.
I nearly had a heart attack as someone walked up behind me and grabbed my arms. “Aw crap!”

5: Learning

“Reach the lever, Miss Noetis,” that same damned cyfur instructed.
“Yeah, what do you think I’m trying to do?” I jumped again, and didn’t reach it. It was about three feet above me, and I was tall for my age. “Why can’t I just fly up there to get it?”
“You’ve come to depend on your wings, Miss Noetis. They might not work so great one day, or you might realize you don’t have them at all; accidents happen. You need to learn to rely on your inner talents. Be resourceful; if The Powers That Be weren’t sure you could do this, the simplest of the tests, they wouldn’t have allowed you to come,”
Allowed me! More like kidnapped me!” Jump, miss.
“Each subject is here according to their own free will.” Jump, miss. “I’ve told you before, your physical body is not here—why do you think physical things will work? You know you’ve got the ability; you discovered that ten minutes ago.”
Jump, miss, think. Okay, she was right—something weird had happened ten minutes ago. Still lamenting my lack of clothing, the voice had suggested I bring myself a pair, if it bothered me so. After a few moments, my favorite T-shirt and jeans were on my “body”. What does she mean, ‘my physical body is not here’? Jump, miss.
“I can see we are going to be here awhile,” the voice noted. “You refuse to listen. Stop jumping. It’s obviously doing no good.”
“Well, what else am I supposed to do, climb?”
“Use your ability.”
“What does that even mean!” I sighed, and tried to do the same thing I’d done with the clothes.
“That’s right, Miss Noetis. With the Power of Self, you can attain anything you desire with great ease.”
“I don’t desire the lever!”
“You desire to leave.”
Grumbling, I shut up, and tried to focus on the red, plastic ball that was the handle of the lever.
“Would you like help?”
“I’d like you to shut up!” I focused more. Nothing. “…On second thought, it never hurts to have help, right?”
“Have you ever been to a rodeo, Miss Noetis?”
“A rodeo? What does that have to do with—“
“It’s a simple question.”
“…Once, when I was a foal…”
“How did they catch the calves to tie them up?”
“They lassoed them, and pulled them do—Oh! I get it now!” I fell silent, focusing again.  I tried to focus on conjuring up a rope.
Rope. Rope. For once, the cyfur was being silent for once, which was helpful. Rope. Rope. Yes! The lever pulled down towards me, opening the door. It had been pulled down by a very material rope stung over it. The rope was taut, but I hadn’t pulled on it. Curious, I followed the trail downwards, to where it ended—
--jutting out of my chest.
With a shriek of alarm, I pulled back. “Nya! What’s this?”
“Calm down,” the automated voice commanded. “That rope is no more real than you are.”
“Well, it feels pretty dang real!” And it did. It was almost as if there were nerve endings in it, and it was just an extension—an arm really—sticking out of my front. I bet I could control it if I wanted to, I thought, though I was repulsed by such a thought.
“Yes, you can control it, and no, it doesn’t have nerve endings; nerve endings have only been imagined by your mind in order to cope.”
“How did you—“
“All your thoughts can be heard here, they are the same as when you think you are speaking aloud. Speaking is only your brain’s imagination, trying to cope.”

4: Another Side Of Aiden

“Ow!” I kicked the door again, I  was pretty sure I bruised a few bones in my foot. “Let me out of here!” I hollered, kicking the door again. “This isnt working!” I muttered to myself. I limped over to my cot and lied down. “What am I going to do?”
            Aiden locked me in here last night with a sternly growled warning to not cause a disturbance to his amster, actually, what he said was, “It would be in our best interests to not disturb our master, Miss  Lotus,” after he muzzled me and removed my blindfold. 
            “Why did you just muzzle me?” I attempted to whine. It was more like “wh d d oo us muzzle me?” he must’ve done this a few times before, because he answered me
            “Miss Lotus, I put that on so you’d be quiet. You are defeating the purpose by asking me why I put it on you. I need you toe stay quiet so as not to disturb the master,” he replied with the patience of a saint.
            “Why?” I asked, inquisitive as always, pulling off the muzzle.
            “He has a temper,” Aiden sighed, glancing at his shoulder.  I then noticed a web of scars barely noticeable under his thick fur.
            “Oh my goodness! What did he do to you?” I asked, alarmed.
            “I angered him, so he punished me,” he replied quietly, looking at his feet.
            “That’s terrible! He shouldn’t be allowed to hurt you! Someone needs to do something about this!” I exclaimed
            He looked at me alarmed, “No Miss Lotus! You mustn’t talk like that! That’s why he was angry!”
            “Because you disagreed with his personal relations techniques? I sure as heck disagree, Aiden!”
            He grabbed my by the shoulders hard, probably bruising me, and stared into my eyes, “Stop it!” then he pushed me onto my cot and stormed out of the room.
            Then I got up to kick the door.
            After I woke from my reverie, I limped around my room a little, half-heartedly hitting things. And then the door slid open again.
            Aiden stepped into my room, his prescence commanding and intimidating . He looked at me, coldly, expressionlessly, and he stepped toward me. The look in his eyes terrified me as he reached out toward me, a hood in his massive paw.
            “The master wishes to see you,” he growled. Then the world went black.