We got our files! We will post here twice a week, more than likely alternating view points between the two main characters, Alice Lotus, a housecat, and Erren Noetis, a zebra pegasus. Both teens must cope with their gifts, find a way home, learn to trust and find out who they truly are.

Friday, July 8, 2011

4: Another Side Of Aiden

“Ow!” I kicked the door again, I  was pretty sure I bruised a few bones in my foot. “Let me out of here!” I hollered, kicking the door again. “This isnt working!” I muttered to myself. I limped over to my cot and lied down. “What am I going to do?”
            Aiden locked me in here last night with a sternly growled warning to not cause a disturbance to his amster, actually, what he said was, “It would be in our best interests to not disturb our master, Miss  Lotus,” after he muzzled me and removed my blindfold. 
            “Why did you just muzzle me?” I attempted to whine. It was more like “wh d d oo us muzzle me?” he must’ve done this a few times before, because he answered me
            “Miss Lotus, I put that on so you’d be quiet. You are defeating the purpose by asking me why I put it on you. I need you toe stay quiet so as not to disturb the master,” he replied with the patience of a saint.
            “Why?” I asked, inquisitive as always, pulling off the muzzle.
            “He has a temper,” Aiden sighed, glancing at his shoulder.  I then noticed a web of scars barely noticeable under his thick fur.
            “Oh my goodness! What did he do to you?” I asked, alarmed.
            “I angered him, so he punished me,” he replied quietly, looking at his feet.
            “That’s terrible! He shouldn’t be allowed to hurt you! Someone needs to do something about this!” I exclaimed
            He looked at me alarmed, “No Miss Lotus! You mustn’t talk like that! That’s why he was angry!”
            “Because you disagreed with his personal relations techniques? I sure as heck disagree, Aiden!”
            He grabbed my by the shoulders hard, probably bruising me, and stared into my eyes, “Stop it!” then he pushed me onto my cot and stormed out of the room.
            Then I got up to kick the door.
            After I woke from my reverie, I limped around my room a little, half-heartedly hitting things. And then the door slid open again.
            Aiden stepped into my room, his prescence commanding and intimidating . He looked at me, coldly, expressionlessly, and he stepped toward me. The look in his eyes terrified me as he reached out toward me, a hood in his massive paw.
            “The master wishes to see you,” he growled. Then the world went black.

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